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You have maximum control over your Giesen coffee roasters. With Giesen Profiler you are able to prepare all settings for a roast. Like: set temperature, power, fan speed and drum speed. It is also possible to monitor all settings during a roast. Real-time roast information combined with visual graphics.

Record, save & play

The great advantage of the Roast Profile System is that you can record a roast with all the related settings. This makes it possible to repeat the same proven roast recipe again and again with different batches. In this way your company will be able to maintain and match the exact quality level of your roasted coffee beans.

PDF & Excel

Easily create PDF or Excel exports after your roastsession. This way you can backup and archive your roasts outside Giesen Profiler.

Conditions & Actions

Manage Triggers

The software makes it possibile to create profiles based only on actions and conditions. Experience more accuracy, consistency and more control over your roasts.

Unlimited data

Roast Logging

Instantly have access to your roast history. Each profile you make, saves seperate roasts. This way you have full insight in your roastlog.

Edit setpoints

Manage Triggers

New ‘click and drag’ editor for your setpoints. The default settings are standard when you create a new profile. You’re free to edit and make your own profile. Edit the airtemperature, power, pressure and drumspeed to create your best profile ever.


Lifetime plan

1800 Eenmalige betaling. Excl. BTW
  • Free updates

  • Best value

Best value

Yearly plan

750 jaarlijkse betaling. Excl. BTW.
  • Free updates

  • Yearly subscription


Roaster Control

Profile Recording

Profile Playback

Profile Reference

Profile Notes

Profile Delay

Events Registration (TP, FC, SC)

Development Time Registration

Multiple Roast per Profile

Profile Editor

Create before Roasting Profile

Edit Profile and Replay

Profile Triggers

Create Actions based on Triggers

Trigger on Setpoints

Trigger on Readouts

Trigger on Events

Profile Reporting

Export to PDF

Export to Excel

Subscribe & download

Program your roaster

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